Bookkeeping Services

Cost Effective

Our BAS preparation starts from $150 per month using Xero or MYOB cloud. Avoid Lost weekends. Let us look after your BAS. Alternatively, if you want to lodge your own BAS, ask us about our file check service for peace of mind, BAS lodgment.

Free Xero Subscription for 6 months with our BAS service

For a limited time, Chan & Naylor Accountants SEQ is offering six months free Xero, set up, and training videos valued at $590. The offer is available for new BAS clients, and our BAS preparation fee is $429 per BAS. Already have Xero? We will give you a credit of $330!

No Year End Tax Surprises

We calculate your tax on profit throughout the year as we prepare your BAS. Don’t worry about that year-end tax bill. You stay updated all year, and this service is entirely FREE when we prepare your BAS. Confidently manage your cash flow and get back to working on your business.

Free Annual Tax Planning

BAS clients receive a free Tax Planning Session each year. We offer this because we review all significant transactions during the year through our bookkeeping service. We’ll calculate the tax expected and meet with you to discuss your tax planning options, and it’s free for our BAS & File Check clients.

Your Expert Bookkeeper

Save $1000s on bookkeeping costs. Conventional bookkeepers clock up unnecessary time and don’t share their knowledge. Not at Chan & Naylor! We use simple, easy to learn systems to reduce your bookkeeping time and cost. If you’re short on time, we can process for you, but if you want to complete all or some of your own bookkeeping, we will show you how with our free training videos and cost-effective one to one training.

Client Story: J&D Transport

Jess & her husband approached Chan & Naylor in 2019. They operate a transport company with 11 employees.

During the first meeting, Jess said, “We’re spending too much on bookkeeping with our BAS agent. It costs about 50% of a full-time wage! I don’t feel that we have a handle on our business, I want to do more of the admin.”

It’s an all too familiar story.

Janelle Bartlett, the partner at Chan & Naylor SEQ, explained to Jess: “We hear this often. Bookkeepers want to clock up more and more hours. They do not want to teach you processing, and they should. We provide free video training for clients, and we use smart systems like bank feeds, auto coding, and payroll apps to cut down processing hours. Bookkeepers don’t like these. Their main objective is increasing hours charged. ”

Jess took advantage of the Chan & Naylor SEQ promo Free Xero for six months with our BAS service”.

Chan & Naylor set up the Xero file for Jess and sent her our free ‘Xero get started’ training Videos. Jess opted for an additional few hours of face to face Xero training with Chan & Naylor SEQ bookkeeper Venessa Willis.

Jess now feels in control of the business. The bookkeeping fee has reduced by 85%, saving tens of thousands of dollars and delivering precise information and excellent management control for Jess and her husband.

Choosing a Cloud Based Accounting Provider | What you need to consider

Making the move to the cloud makes sense for your business, as many of our clients have found. It’s important to understand that not all cloud organisations have the same standards.

We have put together a list of 10 factors you should consider when choosing cloud based accounting software.

Strategic Financial Consultations for Business Owners

Reviewing the financial health of your business annually should be part of the process you undertake each year and the EOFY is the perfect time to conduct a Strategic Financial Consultation (SFC).

At Chan & Naylor we have developed an annual SFC for our SME clients.

The SFC focuses on key areas including:

  • Cash Flow Management and Financing options
  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • Economic packages and Government grants
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Effective Investments

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