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Maximise the tax benefits of your investment portfolio & tailor a financial plan to grow and protect your wealth.

Outgrown your accountant?

Your family accountant may be costing you more money than you’re paying them by not giving you the maximum deductions you’re entitled to. If you’re looking for proactive Brisbane property tax accountants with reliable property tax advice and accurate tax returns for property investors – trust the experience of the leading specialists in property tax accounting.

The Chan & Naylor Property Investment Trust®

The Chan & Naylor PIT® was developed specifically for property investment purchases and incorporates a number of unique features in the PIT® Trust-Deed that now makes this known as a premium property investment trust structure for holding real estate investments. The PIT® Trust Deed offers a property investor supreme versatility in asset control and wealth creation.

This property specific trust has a number of benefits other than those related to tax which provides the flexibility that a long-term property investor is looking for, such as:

  • Trust has no vesting date thus it does not stop after 80 years, therefore your wealth is secure for generations to come
  • There is a family lineage clause which offers protection of the assets to the family lineage (blood relatives only) in case of a bankruptcy or family court dispute, and
  • Allows for it to hold multiple assets controlled by various different family members

Legally reduce your property taxes

Don’t pay a cent more in investment property tax than you must. We are experts at identifying all potential tax deductions that you could claim and are legally entitled to as a property investor. Use our specialised property tax knowledge to optimise your tax returns for improved cash-flow.

Protect your property assets

Are you worried what would happen to your assets if you get sued, end up in the family law court or a creditor comes knocking? We can help protect assets in your personal name without triggering taxes and structure your next investment property with robust asset protection strategies.

Expand your investment portfolio

Your Chan & Naylor Brisbane Property Tax Accountant will work with you to create a tax-effective ownership structure for improved flexibility and control of your assets; supported by a team of Chan & Naylor Financial Advisers and Brokers who can collaborate with you to expand your investment portfolio.

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